Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is it better to teach what we are, or what we are not?

This idea that we are not our thoughts, not our beliefs, not our bodies or anything that we can experience or conceive of, keeps coming up. Most times someone gives me a website or teaching to look at, or I encounter teachers or groups, what WE ARE NOT comes up and is sometimes the theme.
I used to believe it myself! But direct experience, and looking at the infinite present moment over and over and over, reflecting and contemplating on it deeply and going back to years ago, only confirms that this is not the ultimate experience available to us. It can be said to be a teaching, a trick of the mind to get us to go into the unknown beyond, but if we have truly entered the unknowable, and are fully awakened, and that is no longer our experience, why would we turn around and teach it?
If the negation of the appearance of ourselves and the things around us  "neti, neti!" is what one claims to be the absolute truth, the correct way to view reality, then is that a fully awakening?
Here is my point: when I am still and experience without words the fullness of an open heart, and utter connectedness with all things, I can't even imagine that something is "not." This ability to deny that I am this, or that, completely eludes say something doesn't exist does just not ring of truth.
Its all perspective? Sure maybe. I just can't get in my deepest sense of awareness however that ANYTHING can be negated. We are all, we are everything within and without and we are also that which is not. Neti, neti may be a trick of the mind to reach absolute realization but it is not in my way of perceiving a final truth or an ultimate teaching.

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