Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why do some people negate the self and ego?

It frees them conceptually from their concern about an inner scapegoat. If there is no "self" and I have "killed the ego" then none of these problems or delusions can be "mine." It is all just waved away, vanished. The Buddha has been killed, the ego has been destroyed  and I am free! Not.
The challenge is to get a single person to step forward and tell a story of how their elimination of self and destruction of ego, works. No stories about dead Masters who wrote about it. We need an embodied spirit who has realized their true nature fully to explain how negation and nihilism can bring peace and unitive awareness.
I assert it cannot, never has and never will. We are all things, nothing is missing and nothing is not supposed to be here. Being free of self-destructive elements as a result of shifting awareness is not a state in which things don't exist.
It all exists, ego and all. To say it doesn't exist is only half-truth....the other half is - it doesn't exist separately. That however, is another contemplation.

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