Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How many possibilities are there?

The present moment is one of infinite possibilities. Those were the words that came to me in my impermanent awakening in 2000,
and they have been said by many others. What does this look like right here and now? While we are sitting here, me in the now of writing it and you in the now of reading it, we can contemplate every possible thought and action that can arise in the very next second. We don't need to consider things that are in actuality impossible - you're not going to land on the moon, and I'm not going to turn into an eagle and fly away. Just sticking with the basics - we can close our eyes, shift in our chair, stand up, think about the waves in the ocean, whisper, shout, take a breath, hold our breath. The list of things we can do is endless, things we can actually do, right here and now. We cannot come close to completing this contemplation, thus proving to our direct experience that for all practical purposes it is infinite. The possibilities that can actually occur, right here and now, ARE INFINITE. This is not conjecture, speculation or some metaphysical knowingness. It is direct experience for each one of us if we care to consider it.
There is not enough time in our lifetimes to perform every action we can think of in the moment. There are so many thoughts that can arise in the now that the experience of time itself ceases to exist. Contemplation of the thoughts gives way to a timeless state. Just try it.

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