Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How quickly can we experience causelessness?

There are many ways to inquire to reach a direct experience of the causeless state. Why not just go for it, what's the delay, and maybe there are a few who are ready for it now and don't need to delay. Some say, including those who teach: there is nothing to know, I don't know anything, stop thinking, let go....etc. If those can be taken to be instructions to enter the state of awareness in which we realize that nothing around us is ultimately caused by something, then it is easy to see what they consistently fail. If those who utter them aren't able to guide another through an understanding that leads to this infinite awareness that things just appear and are not caused, then there is no business in being a teacher of awakening.
"I don't know anything" as a way of defining one's entire spiritual awareness is essentially nothing more than a negation that doesn't attempt to touch the heart of the listener.
This empty awareness, appreciation of the undivided nature of things, entry into the unknowable experience of causelessness, is not full awakening, not even close, and it can be grasped by the mind. I believe that anyone who says that a deep appreciation of causelessness can't be seen clearly with the mind hasn't inquired deeply enough. Or they are mixing it up with that which truly cannot be touched by the mind - the heart.
Inquiry is a simple mental calisthenic, a form of "mental development" that may be more or less onerous depending on who's doing it but must be done to have a recognition and integration of an awakened state.
Much of this blog has been about such inquiries and how they can lead to an awareness that we ourselves are ultimately unknowable. All of it coming from the only true mystery - the source of divine love.

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