Friday, July 5, 2013

A seeker asks "how do I understand the I Am"?

It brought an interesting thread in a Nisargadatta study group on Facebook, some nihilism, some pointers on what to think or where to study. I couldn't help but jump in with the following:
What a wonderful thread, having completed my exploration of "I AM" I have to jump in:) The "I" thought is the very first sense of duality - it is the infantile awareness of "I" and all else as "non-I"...from that first awareness away from the true nature of things, we project a separate identity onto all that we see. Voila! Into the illusion we go, grasping onto things as if they are real. Now, as profound seekers deeply probing to arrive back at the original awareness of all as One, we have to undo our erroneous perceptions. That's all it is. No matter how many times we split the I into other, observer, little I vs big I, it's avoiding and evasive of our true nature. Nisargadatta, Ramana, all true masters teach that only when a name or label is needed, only for that moment, is there any experience of separation. Otherwise all is silently perceived as non-discriminated, ever-changing and impermanent, it exists but not as separation, it has a sense of reality but is not the ultimate reality. I thank the universe that I have been gifted with this realization. Oh Buddha taught it too, if you want to read something mind-blowing read the Lankavatara Sutra (find a free download online, PDF). Love and light always, we will all become One inevitably, main thing is to enjoy the journey, theres no rush (unless youre like me, then good luck! It didn't come easily)
I guess I'm not completely done with spirituality although I can claim to be completely done with seeking. Always open to challenges, lol. It's just word-crafting now.

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