Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where does the mind meet the heart?

Where do love and wisdom meet? Is it SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: The Final Duality, the Intersection of the Heart and Mind (my new book?). In the last post I said my inquiries are over - I wrote that my mind "rests from the compulsion and spinning." It's true! But even at rest, I must allow what I now see as a natural arising of thought, inquiry, and answers to the inquiries that is quite natural, and that must look to many others to be busy and spinning. I'm fine with that, grounded, solid, and all is in it's right place.

The intersection of the heart and mind is at the point where unconditional acceptance of the unknowable by the mind, and un conditional acceptance of the knowable by the heart, integrate. That explains much. It explains the point of enlightenment, and how one without the other doesn't work, results in a trap. It supports the goal of spiritual practice, and that a correct practice can be maintained 24/7. Let yourself do it. Maintain constant acceptance of all that is withing you, and be vigilant to inquire into the final question, and it will be done. It cannot not be done. You will awaken. The question with that is can you maintain enough mindfulness to go about the daily life in that way? I did and now that it is done I continue to do it, but there is plenty of mental space for it absent the inner critic, and it brings joy and inspiration. So as the king in the movie Amadeus says:
"There it is!"

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