Sunday, July 14, 2013

Can non-spiritual people awaken?

I have to laugh at the use of the word "non-spiritual" but here is the story:
I couldn't help but ask my ailing 80 year-old aunt about her views on the after life. She said "I have no idea what will happen, I don't know anything about God, and I can't even imagine what will happen, it's all unknown."
Then she said "I accept all that, I have no fears, and anything that happens is ok." Wow! It sounded like she had fallen into a sense of spiritual awakening. She even said she's happy with her life and wouldn't change a thing, good and bad was ok, she feels she never intentionally hurt anyone. I told her about my own journey, needing to discover the deepest truths about things and myself, and how much I had to do - trips to India, teachers, reading, discussions, meditating. She said "I've experienced some enlightenment from my life." She used that word! Someone who has never picked up a Buddhist text, doesn't go to church, doesn't really stop and consider the possibility that we exist in a state of impermanence yet in our true nature are in unity with all.
So she reinforces my observation, since I realized the true nature of things for myself, that there are people who slip into an awareness of the infinite and the unknown, of peace and total acceptance of all that is and anything that happens. Some of us need to be on a spiritual path. She found it just through examining herself and her life. She is neglecting herself in ways that are making her weak and chronically ill but that's all accepted too, and as she says she is satisfied with her life, she doesn't need anything anymore. She would never kill herself because it would be hard on the family, She misses her passed husband, and looks forward to joining him, when it's her time. We had a deep spiritual connection and a resonance beyond words. I have to say it was more spiritual than seeing ShantiMayi in June, just two weeks ago

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