Saturday, February 23, 2013

One year anniversary - the end of inquiry!

I detailed the end of the year since I awakened fully in my other blog "A Spiritual Odyssey." This includes the end of inquiry! In part, it's because the mind
is so satisfied that it rests from the compulsion and spinning to develop multiple lines of questioning into the deepest truths. Mainly - it's because I have laid out enough inquiries for more than a lifetime, and the chance that any human will come along and pick up on them in a meaningful way is about nil. Not said with pride, not from ego, just repeated and objective observation and experience of others. Let him or her who can step forward and consider these inquiries at all, show themselves! Enough said. The mind, having already recognized itself as surrendered to the unknowable, unable to exert control over my actions, rests and refocuses onto the tasks of daily living. Always the awareness to keep centered in the moment, to watch the heart, and accept and love all that is.

ADDENDUM Feb 21, 2014: it's obvious that inquiry for me never ends, it just evolves and takes on new dimensions. Inspiration comes and curiosity continues.

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