Thursday, February 21, 2013

How do we open to divine love and intimacy?

This is my blog post on With Gangaji today: Gangaji's talk on love and intimacy really brings me to ask everyone the question "how do we get it?" Or better asked "how do we open to it?" as many hear that it is always there whether we realize it or not. This matter is coming up so much right now, I seem to be surrounded by people asking, I share that finding this higher love (beyond personal or romantic) brings the continuous feeling that nothing is missing, and I'm, interconnected with all...there is nothing I can conceive of that is not so. The intimacy comes from having found freedom from the critic, which cannot exist when I see everything as acceptable, including pain arising from looking at this troubled world. It took a lot of work! The question is still "how?" I can share that constantly holding an attitude, even just an intent for compassion for myself and acceptance for everything that comes up inside, right as it comes up, did it. But its not over, and I assume never will be. It is my continuous 24/7 spiritual practice, I've learned to be mindful of not being mindful, so that if the inner attitude for self-acceptance drops even for a few moments I catch it and renew, or "re-open" my intent. But it doesn't feel like work at all now, the reward is so great, and the feeling that I am guided by it to be in the heart and do the right thing always. I also have to say I've had lots of tears, still get them right now listening to Gangaji mention our hearts get broken. But this new form of broken heart is an expansion, not a contraction, and I accept it too!
What else can be "done?" How can I or we or anyone better share a "how to" when others ask?

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