Saturday, September 8, 2012

What exactly is enlightened awareness?

We experience the full spiritual awakening, or enlightenment, when we are no longer the witness. That's because the witness creates duality. The difference between duality and nonduality is that of the observable v. the nonobservable. That's not observing with sensation of course, but with the deepest inner awareness, deep within the nonsensual mind.
For an observer to exist, it must be able to observe itself, or some other form of other. That can be said to be an awareness of unity, which is a simple state of seeing the true nature of things. Moments that we have here and there anyway.
Nondual awareness cannot be from a coma, or after death - or maybe it can, who knows? The point is that we cannot even talk about this state or entering into it without recognizing that there can be no witness or any form of identity to split it into an "I," or a concept, or God. When we try to, it takes us into a word loop that approaches but never gets to the truth - so it is often said. So anything but cessation of the observed and the observer is splitting reality into duality, which appears to be a process that can go on endlessly. But can that process of splitting actually be the crteation itself? If we start with the first observation by the witness, is the "I am" created, and subsequently the entire universe? In the beginning...

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