Saturday, September 8, 2012

How do we know when we are awakened?

We know we are awakened when the teachings become confirmatory of what we already know. When we go to satsang we no longer learn anything but new ways of putting what we experience. We read the teachings with curiosity, or not at all, because they are just restatements of what we already know. Confirming the self as awakened without having the ego wrap around it takes honesty or the awakening is incomplete or will not last. This does require open heart to be honest and to be truly free of suffering. Who is it that needs outer confirmation by a teacher? Only the ego can have such a need. If the need is there, it might be said that one cannot be fully awakened. So who is it that gets "invited to teach" as many are claiming? Is that the same as being recognized as awakened? Or is the teacher just being careful to avoid that recognition - simply saying that someone seems to get it enough to go out and teach spirituality. Someone who then adds on the word "awakened" to their name.

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