Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why don't spiritual teachers have day jobs?

ShantiMayi said "I don't have any job skills other than spiritual teaching. If I couldn't find support from my students and disciples, I would have to stand in a bread line!"
My other two living teachers, Adyashanti and Gangaji, have been teaching enlightenment for decades with no day job. Gangaji was a healthcare practitioner before she awakened. Adya, as far as I know, never did anything but competitive cycling and work for a brief period of time in a family business. Many other lesser teachers I know, and some dead saints like Ramana and Nisargadatta, also had no daily work, or dropped what they were doing when they awakened. A few I know (Dorothy Hunt, John Prendergast, and others) do things like psychotherapy, but that seems rare. What's up? In my case after my awakening it seemed natural and desirable to go back to my day job as a health care provider. In fact I missed it and saw the opportunities to be of service in the constant presence of the eternal moment. And so it is - I am back at work 1 year now, full-time, making sustainable income. No inspiration to lead spiritual gatherings and satsangs as an occupation. Some say "it's natural, the law of attraction, the universe takes care of them." Well that's true of any successful person in any field. Charming persona, drive, organizational skills, and ability to attract and inspire large audiences, are not unique to spiritual teachers! Something to discuss and inquire into, the whole phenomenon, something that has been swept away and overlooked. What's REALLY going on with this? In another way I know that for some teachers their message or persona compels people to support them. While I was organizing satsangs for Kenny Johnson in 1998 he received a check for $90k. In 2001 I was hosting ShantiMayi and she was in the back seat opening her mail. One envelope contained a check for $40k. Osho had a collection of Rolls Royces not because he went out and got them but because a wealthy disciple donated them. No matter how we spin it, there's no magic. I think it always comes back to "human nature."

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