Saturday, December 1, 2012

How do we know when information is true?

First, there is no information that is absolute truth. It has been discovered by the masters and we know within ourselves, that the first word or thought
is erroneous, and relative. Only stillness and constant incomprehensible silence, the "absolute" is truth. But there is a joy in discovering and understanding with the various levels of mind. My thoughts:
  • Does the information have a ring of truth? Does it makes sense or fit in with what you intuitively feel?
  • Does it have a feel of coming from the heart? Is it delivered in a way that shows compassion, love, or a deep sense of caring?
  • What do you feel afterward? Sleep on it, or see what comes up later after being away from it for a while. This also exercises wisdom, in choosing to accept it or abandon it.
In my view deep inquiry will bring the truths that the mind seeks to grasp. The mind can be satisfied, and content with the lesser truths that information offers.
Yet always, in my experience, only the  heart will bring the mind to fall away and realize the absolute. That is not an inquiry, but a constant inner exercise, an intent, for compassion and total acceptance.

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